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Galileo Economy

Galileo is the future european satellite network dedicated to earth navigation.
galileoPhoto : ESA

The main goal of Galileo is to stop the domination of the united states on this activity and to give more autonomy to Europeans armies.

On a political point of view it will be very interesting, and this system will be a full civilian application without limitation.

Galileo : 5 services :

  • Free services : it will be the free application, nearly the same as the current GPS With an horizontal presition of -/+ 5 m and +/- 35 metre on a vertical scale.
  • Commercial service : It will offers various services and a precision of 10 cm. Crypted datas…etc
  • Safety life service: It will be used to keep an eye on the life on earth.
  • Public transport service
  • Search and rescue service 


The 05-12-28 the first satellite has been launch from Baikonour with a Soyuz Rocket.
This first satellite is testing a full set of new equipment and is preparing the arrival of the others

In 2010 a least 4satellites should have been launched, and so it will finalise the testing. After that 24 new satellites will be launched till 2014


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