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Galileo economy


GALILEO and its spin-offs are expected to create a huge market for equipment and services for the private sector. The commercial case for establishing GALILEO alongside GPS is that users will be willing to pay for superior services, and users of the Open Service should prefer a terminal that can provide better coverage and reliability by receiving both signals.

The United States market for GNSS-based technology and applications is in full expansion, other regions are only just seeing the beginning of this tremendous evolution. GALILEO will accelerate the acceptance of GNSS as a tool for many additional sectors. Higher accuracy and integrity messages will allow for safety-critical applications. Higher availability of navigation signals, also indoors or in urban canyons, will further increase the attractiveness of the technology. GALILEO’s service framework and infrastructure features such as regional and local elements will lead to the development of new, innovative applications and services.

Private sector involvement in the GALILEO program is the key for:

  • Commercial orientation with a view to the generation of revenues;

  • Efficient management;

  • Financing.

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